Fragen über Fragen & die passende Antwort

DE// Ich hab es endlich geschafft – das Video ist da. Es tut mir so leid, dass die Qualität so schlecht ist aber meine Kamera spinnt und mein Bearbeitungsprogramm spielt auch nicht mit. Ich hoffe ihr drückt einmal ein Auge zu 😉 P.S.: Den Blog von Jana, den ich im Video erwähne, findet ihr übrigens HIER! (click)

EN// I finally made it – here is the video! I’m so sorry for the bad quality but my camera won’t work… I hope you turn a blind eye to 😉
How tall are you and how mouch do you weight?I’m 1,65 m tall but I won’t tell you how much I weight : ) I’m sorry! 

Why didn’t you do the journey with Max? Because I’m still in an education and this journey takes a lot of time and a lot of money 😉 
What do you say that Cadee emigrated to the U.S.?Cadee and me weren’t friends the last time but that doesn’t matter. I only wish her the best. I hope, that Collin is the right man for her and everything will be fine. 
How can you afford so many new clothes and accessoires while you’re in an education?I saved my money during my full time job. 
Do you play any instruments? No I don’t. But I would like to play piano or guitar some day 🙂
How would you react when Max comes back from the trip and leaves you? I ask because everybody is changing in this time and maybe his feelings for you too. You already said it: everybody is changing. You will never know what happens next. Maybe my feelings will change? I need to see this realistic but I hope, that when this will happen, Max and me are grown-up enough to talk about this. 
Describe yourself in 3 words externally. sporty, blonde & attractive haha
Describe yourself in 3 words in character.  open nature, good listener & I love to laugh.
What’s on your mind the most in the last days?What am I going to wear for New Years Eve? 😀
Have you ever heard people say that you’re arrogant or conceited? Not really. Sometimes they think I’m convinced by myself but I’m not at all. I don’t like arrogant or conceited people…
Where do you work and what are you doing there all day long? I work in a materials trade and I advise customers and sell material.
What’s your secret for a happy relationship?  talking, talking, talking!!
Are you happy with your life?more or less. It depends on the daily form. 
Do you have much contact to other blogger?Yes, Svenja & Jana are my babies 
How did you meet Max? We met on a party three years ago and I think it was love at first sight ♥
Where can I meet you in Nuernberg? in bars, parks and downtown
What are you doing on days without Max? sleeping, reading, writing, blogging, taking photos & being sporty 
What do you love about Max the most? – I love the fact that he is my best friend and that I can talk to him every single time. I love the fact that he always suprises me and makes me laugh.
You and Max, do you fight often and how do you handle disagreements? – I think we fight as much as other couples 😀 what means often? We talk about disagreements and try to find a way that is both fair.
What are you favourite places in Nuernberg and what do you love the most about this city? – I love the Wöhrder Wiese” and the “Kaiserburg
What do you dislike about Nuernberg?The people. For example: in London you can wear whatever you want and nobody cares. I really don’t have a special style but I feel the eyes on me when I walk through the city like “umm what the hell is this girl wearing?” I HATE THAT!

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  1. Anonym
    29. Dezember 2013 / 21:31

    yeaahh endlich!!

  2. Anonym
    29. Dezember 2013 / 22:35

    wie lange hab ich gewartet aber es hat sich gelohnt 🙂

  3. Anonym
    29. Dezember 2013 / 22:35

    du bist so süß mäuschen

  4. Anonym
    29. Dezember 2013 / 23:06

    Sorry, aber das Scheinheilige Geheuchle über eure Beziehung kann man sich nicht anhören, halb nbg weiß wie es bei euch abgeht …..

  5. 29. Dezember 2013 / 23:08

    Weißt du mehr über meine Beziehung als ich/wir? 🙂 Wenn ja, hey Glückwunsch & was kümmert mich das jetzt? In meiner Beziehung ist alles paletti und was soll bei uns groß "abgehen"? 😀 Max ist far away und lebt gerade sein kleines großes Abenteuer – da ist keine Zeit für Zoff oder dergleichen

  6. Anonym
    29. Dezember 2013 / 23:08

    Wo ist denn da was geheuchelt? Leni sagt doch gar nicht wie sehr sie ihn liebt sondern was sie an ihm liebt? Hast du was auf deinen Lauschern? Armes Ding…

  7. 29. Dezember 2013 / 23:26

    Ach mein Baby, immer diese dummen Menschen. WHO CARES? <3

  8. Anonym
    30. Dezember 2013 / 15:59

    Ich würde gerne deinen Tumblr Account wissen, wenn es okay ist? 🙂

  9. 30. Dezember 2013 / 15:59

    klar 🙂

  10. Anonym
    30. Dezember 2013 / 18:00

    Vielen lieben dank 🙂

  11. 6. Januar 2014 / 19:30

    Wunderschönes Video 🙂 Hat wirklich Spaß gemacht da zuzuhören!

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